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Q: Can I water down Chemico UK products?
     All our products are ready to use and supplied in various volumes. Super concentrates are available for      certain products on request.

Q: What volumes are available?
     Retail products are only available in 500ml containers and can be purchased from any approved store.
     Commercial products are available 500ml (Case of 12) 5L (Pack of 3) 25L Drums.   

Q: Are Chemico UK products harmful for the environment and/or the user?
    In a nutshell NO. Our products contain no harmful or hazardous ingredients like those seen in more     common household cleaning products; like ammonia or abrasive based substances.

Q: Do Chemico UK surface and cleaners leave streaks?

    All our products do exactly what they say on the label and guarantee a streak free finish where the     instructions have been followed. Our products do flash off quickly reducing chance of streaks But we do
    advise large areas be cleaned in smaller sections to maintain a quality finish.

Q: Will Chemico UK products work outside?

    A lot of our customers in the commercial sector use our products both indoors and outside this will not affect
    performance usually But during the winter months products may streak, this can be resolved by simply     removing the dirt first then buffing the target area again with a clean dry microfibre cloth removing any     streaks.

Q: Do you have COSH sheets available for Chemico UK Products?
    Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are available on request for all professional users. Being a supplier to various     contract cleaners and schools we make sure all our products are up to date with the most recent legislation     within the UK, Europe and some international countries.

Q: How can I purchase Chemico UK cleaning products?
    For commercial use and the trade counter contact sales@chemicouk.com or call 012828 864759 and select     option 1. If you would like to enquire about becoming an approved retailer click here.